So I am completely ecstatic about Sam Claflin being officially cast as Finnick :)

As opposed to several anon haters, I am not upset about Claflin getting the role, and I’m completely fine with Grant not being Finnick. Grant’s filmed two movies over the past couple of months and he’ll be making it big some other way. Sam Claflin was my absolute second choice for Finnick :) He’s had previous acting experience in two major films, is about the right age, and looks the part.

I haven’t been using this blog recently because I knew that Sam Claflin was going to be officially cast eventually - the rumours about Jena Malone and Seymour Hoffman were released weeks before they were official as well. I also had a tonne of work to do at school so I’ve had to cut back on my tumblr time.

I’m no longer going to be using this blog, because I’d rather leave it here to remember what it once was than change it into a Grant Gustin fan blog or a THG news blog (the latter I definitely don’t have time for).

But if you’d like to keep following me, here’s the link to my tumblr:

Bye guys, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of the THG movies :)

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from the Grant Gustin as Finnick facebook page (x)

from the Grant Gustin as Finnick facebook page (x)

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I don’t like Sam. I mean, he’s an amazing actor, but Grant… Grant is Finnick, and i want him for Finnick.


I really dig the idea of Grant Gustin as Finnick! At first I didn’t, but the I realized he looks like a drawing of Finnick I made. I don’t really like the idea of Sam Caflin as Finnick because he oddly reminds me of a granny, and in my mind, Finnick is really hot, so the idea of him as Sam disturbs me… a lot. (although i respect your opinion of him)


I just really want Grant as Finnick, he is almost exactly what I had imagined. Is there any official word from Lionsgate yet?

and here I thought we were the mature ones.

Please stop with the hate, you’re almost as bad as the people pushing for Garrett Hedlund as Finnick.

Okay some points of reassurance.

1. There’s no official word from Lionsgate, so if you don’t like Sam Claflin there’s a chance someone else might be given the role.

2. Which means he hasn’t accepted the role yet.

3. No matter what Lionsgate decides, their choices for most of the other roles were perfect, so if Sam Claflin is chosen as Finnick, he was chosen for a reason.

I’m also assuming that the people hacking at Sam’s appearance haven’t seen any of the movies that he’s been in, so I strongly suggest you go watch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and Snow White and the Huntsmen. They’re both also really good movies so watch them anyway :)

I know that we really want Grant as Finnick, and that’s completely fine, he can still be Finnick in our minds and when we read the books. But there’s a chance someone else can be cast, and eventually we’ll have to get over it. And if he does get cast, then what a pleasant surprise that’ll be :)

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About Sam Claflin rumours

"Have you heard the rumor that Sam Claflin is being considered for Finnick? NOT as attractive as Finnick should be, in my opinion. Gossip blogs were way off for the casting of Johanna so hopefully that’s the case for this too."

"If the Sam Clafin rumours turn out to be true will you still aprove? As much as I really really really wanted Grant Gustin to be Finnick I still really liked Sam from POTC."

" Grant is listed as rumored here… and yet reportedly Sam Claflin was cast yesterday?" 

Well, firstly

words cannot describe how happy I would be if Sam was cast, he’s another one of the people I would love as Finnick. Not to mention he was so so so AMAZING in POTC and his voice is beautiful. But if you’ve only seen pictures of him, I suggest watching Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger’s Tides and Snow White and the Huntsmen.

But at the moment I’m trying to find a reliable source to confirm that he’s been cast, and it’s hard at the moment because I haven’t touched the internet all day (but the bonus of that is that I’ve finished all of homework yay) and the Finnick Odair tag is flooded with posts so it’s taking me a while, but I’m working on it.

And secondly, I know it’s exciting that Grant was listed as a rumoured Finnick on IMDB, but IMDB is very unreliable, especially with rumours, so don’t get your hopes up :/

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Grant Gustin confirms that he has auditioned for Finnick Odair. ➙

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from the Grant Gustin As Finnick Odair facebook page

from the Grant Gustin As Finnick Odair facebook page

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Anonymous said: i wouldn't be able to process if garrett hedlund was finnick .... and its worse since his audition went good. sigh

It’s the first I’ve heard that he auditioned. He probably knows that he’s the #1 fan cast for Finnick on tumblr though, so there’s a chance he did just because his fans want him to.

I’m pretty sure everything people are saying are just rumours. *apparently* his audition went good, but also *apparently* his publicist said that the role of Finnick was something Garrett would never pursue.

idek with these rumours 

Anonymous said: Do you think they will start filming/announcings within the next 1-3 weeks? (since Josh's hair is blonde now, I'm assuming Jennifer's will be brown, soon...)

sorry, I’ve only been at home for a couple hours since I was at school all day, so I had no idea that Josh’s hair is blond now… but thanks for informing me, I’m seriously fangirling right now :D

I think that’ll mean filming will start soon, because (especially with guys) hair grows really fast and it’d be tedious if they dyed it and then wasted weeks doing nothing and then had to dye it again.

OH GOSH GUYS 1-3 WEEKS I’m not ready for this

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Grant will be finished filming A Mother's Nightmare in one week ➙

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Anonymous said: So wait I need to get all the facts straight. I have heard 3 rumors. The first is that Grant is cast. I am hopeful that he will get cast but I'm pretty sure that's a lie as of now... correct? The second is that he definitely isn't Finnick because he was ruled out of the final three. Is that true? Because literally my heart would be crushed if it is. And the third is that none of these things have been determined yet and we know nothing. Please help. Sincerely, A Finnick Fan

answer to rumour 1: no, nobody has been cast yet.

answer to rumour 2: the final three was a false idea made up by an article, and the rumour got carried away just as much as the apparent casting of RPatz as Finnick. So no, he hasn’t been ruled out.

answer to rumour 3: yes, rumour 3 is true :)

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