Anonymous said: When you say, hacking at his appearance, I would say that would be one of the most essential parts of Finnick. If he isn't very attractive, people probably won't like him.

Hacking at his appearance

like the way people complained about Josh Hutcherson being too short and having brown hair

Or Jennifer Lawrence being too tall and fat and not starved enough and blonde.

Sam Claflin (and any other actor) can lose weight, gain muscle, shave, change their hairstyle and hair colour.

It’s in the acting guys, if he can pull off sexy Finnick and depressed Finnick, then he’s going to be great.

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Anonymous said: top result for googling sam claflin was "sam claflin gay" lol

just saying

is there something wrong with people wanting to know if he’s gay?

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Anonymous said: what is the link to the grant ans finncik video that anon was talking about?

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Anonymous said: In this interview with Grant, they're talking about him being cast as Finnick possibly, and the interviewer mentions your tumblr at 1:58 I'm pretty dang sure!

yes haha I’ve seen it, I started crying and full-on fangirled when I heard them talking about it :D

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Anonymous said: sam clafin look gay a.f.

You’re not a very nice person

You’re also probably an idiot if you want Grant as Finnick, because maybe you haven’t noticed but Grant isn’t much of a “stereotypically straight” person either, especially since he was able to portray a gay guy on Glee.

Anonymous said: I think Louis Tomlinson could be an amazing Finnick, physically, of course.

but probably more of a youngish Finnick, like just before he went into the Games for the first time.

But it’s cool that if he hadn’t become a singer he was going to continue acting, so it makes it easier to see him as a youngish Finnick

Anonymous said: Do you think Grant getting 'Affluenza' makes any difference to whether he will be able to film 'Catching Fire'?

it depends on when Affluenza is being filmed

If it coincides with the filming of Catching Fire he probably won’t be able to do both :/

Anonymous said: nevermind, i read it wrong, ignore my last ask!! (the anon talking about jena's casting)

no don’t worry, just another way of getting it out to people that it isn’t official

there’s so much hate in the Jena Malone and Johanna Mason tags about her, it’s really upsetting :/

Anonymous said: if blanemcdonough was saying that jena's casting is offical, they're wrong... Jena has REPORTEDLY been offered the role but A. its not guaranteed that the original article is true and B. if it is true she hasnt accepted it yet and there is always the possibility that she wont, just saying :)

yeah I know, I posted something somewhere below saying this but seeing as Hoffman took the role as Plutarch, there is a larger chance that she’s going to take the role as Johanna

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Anonymous said: looks like we'll have our Finnick soon, Johanna has been cast so they'll probably announce Finnick really soon to:P hopefully it will be Grant

let’s hoooooooooope

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